CollageWall photo displays

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  1. Beautiful prints. Fast and fool-proof installation.

    CollageWall displays include a complete system for precise and easy installation
    of beautiful photo walls from Prints on Photo Paper or MetalPrints.
  2. CollageWall panels can be Photographic Prints or MetalPrints.

    Photographic Prints are made on professional photo paper and mounted on black-edged 2mm masonite.
  3. CollageWall panels can be Photographic Prints or MetalPrints.

    MetalPrints are infused on aluminum for an incredibly vibrant print with exceptional detail.
  4. Everything is included for a fool-proof installation.

    Your tape measure or level can make the installation more precise.
  5. Layout and alignment is easy.

    Just tape up the paper template.
  6. Push in the aluminum pegs.

    Targets on the template show you exactly where to put them.
  7. Remove the template and hang the pictures.

    They will have the correct alignment due to the paper template.
  8. The frameless panels float 1/4 inch off the wall

    for a contemporary display with added depth.
  9. Each Print is held by multiple connection points ensuring that pictures stay straight.

    CollageWalls with 5x5, 5x11 and 5x17 sizes include Foam Spacers to aid in keeping prints level.
  10. CollageWall Prints can be Taken Off the Wall

    and propped up using the included stands for a different look.
  11. Take family portraits to the next level.

    Chronicle family life over time. 3' x 2' | Template 085 (Images by Steve Kurtz)
  12. Commemorate weddings and other important events in a unique way.

    Celebrate the big day—every day. 2½' x 1½' | Template 037 (Images by Joe Photo)
  13. Sell Collages of your favorite work.

    2' x 1½' | Template 027 (Images by Clark Little)
  14. Bring your travels home.

    4½' x 2' | Template 124 (Images by Art P Suwansang)
CollageWall grid and pictures: The eight picture sizes fit together into perfect collages. A grid of push-in pegs holds the pictures in precise alignment.

What you see is what you get. Supported by a grid of push-in pegs, CollageWall® pictures hang aligned and stay level. Installation is fast and fool-proof with the included template. And you can add, remove and rearrange pictures in seconds. Like our Clusters, these displays use individual images on each panel.

Choose from Photographic Prints or MetalPrints

CollageWall Prints on Photo Paper Mounted on StyrenePrints on Photo Paper have your choice of a Lustre, Glossy, or Metallic Surface, mounted on black-edged 2mm masonite. An optional Lustre or Glossy Coating can be added to help protect the surfaces of the prints.

Metal Print CollageWall
MetalPrints are infused on Aluminum
for an incredibly vibrant print with exceptional detail. Available with a Satin, Glossy, Sheer-Matte, or Sheer-Glossy Surface and Rounded Corners.



This hanging system is patent pending.