Sunrise Albums

High quality, economical albums featuring photographic pages mounted back-to-back.

Perfect as companion books, albums for family sessions, portfolios, and more.

Sunrise Albums feature panoramic spreads printed on professional photographic papers mounted back-to-back with no substrate. Available with a Photo Wrapped Cover or your choice of 23 Leatherette or Linen Materials.


Photo Wrapped Covers

Photo Wrapped Covers

Wrap Photo Covers feature your photo or artwork wrapped around the outside of the cover. Available with a Lustre or Metallic Surface, and Satin or Glossy Laminate.



Satin Laminate



Satin Laminate



Glossy Laminate

Material Covers

Durable masonite wrapped with your choice of 23 Leatherette or Linen cover materials. Optional Imprinting is available for the front cover.

Elegant Imprinting

Personalize the front or inside cover of your album.

Imprint Fonts

Imprint Colors

Embossed available in Italic font only.

Cover Imprinting

  • Custom Imprinting can be added to the back inside cover of any Pacific Album, or the front outside cover of Pacific Albums with Material Covers.
  • Imprinting Colors include Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Copper, or Embossed (Italic Font Only).
  • Choose from Bold, Italic, or Script Font Styles.
  • Imprinting is available with up to 3 lines of text on the Center and/or Lower Right front cover of the album.

Beautiful Panoramic Spreads

Sunrise Albums feature Seamless Panoramic Pages, and can be built with a minimum of 5 spreads and a maximum of 42 spreads.

Inside Cover Page

Choose from linen textured paper in 2 colors for the first and last spreads.

White Linen Textured Paper

Black Linen Textured Paper

Page Corner Options

Choose from 3 corner treatments.

Page Corner 1/8 Round

1/8" Round

Page Corners 1/2 Round

1/2" Round

Page Corners Square


Professional Photo Papers

We use only professional photo papers so that you always receive the longest lasting and highest quality photographic prints available.